Nutshell of what’s yet to come;

No matter what YOU think / know Trilateral Commission, Freemasons, Illuminati, Brotherhood, The Bilderberg Group / Club, Koch Brother’s, etc – Jesus loves all. But remember though, everyone has ‘a record’ via their Free Will usage (see below). And, Rome, misc should have been setting a BETTER example all these – throughout the Ages; but no, they rather hold on to = their so called Secret (s).  

It’s always ‘been’ – (right there), in God’s Word; one just may not (choose) to hear, misc no. Listen, look, review, ask from above, it’s right there. God, JC / Holy Majesty (as I know for myself, I’m never giving up JC, ever), and of course HS Guidance Counselor / Holy Spirit. I’m not perfect, nor am I better than anyone,

I’m just a man, (breath Mist Energy) in a body, and like (specifically) JC as a carpenter, I as well am a Laborer.

I as well am not gonna be down here forever, as I must pass (some day), thus, God justifying His agenda; remember all He ever wanted to do was, just ‘create’ something, like separately ie: Linda Hamilton in ‘T2’/dining room – “You don’t know what’s it’s like to REALLY create something”.

I just, amidst these (?) times we’re all living in, is get back on my feet, find a South Bay room, hence, do a housing room deal with someone in South Bay, hence, ‘have their day, better run my odd job business, and kindly and reasonably heal, recover and live.

And note: Time does not exist, and when one passes, what one enters is God’s (sleep program), as that entry process from life unto (that) is like an automatic process, ie: switching off a light switch. There is NO auto entry into Heaven; that is reserved unto solely the holiest of holy (and who that be, is up to God/JC/HS’s discretion.

See, human’s have a problem accepting what is – God has provided, and therein, is humanity’s lack thereof (???); you fill in the blank (s). Sigh, I’m not gonna get into it with anyone.

Any word’s I share is not my own, nor do I want (???) for this or that, maybe other than reasonable compensation for good labor work done for another, thus, I free them up, hence, they have more available time to take care of and/or do thing’s they want to do = win – win.

Human’s do have power, power of Free Will, whether i.f.w. – ill free will usage OR p.f.w. – proper free will usage, ie: short path or the long path. But ironic ? misc, how one’s life circumstance’s (ie: poor, homeless, misc those trying to do what positively they can to get back on their feet or misc) depends on the Free Will usage of other’s.

We don’t even realize we use Free Will every moment of our existence. So we could do more to help each other, negotiate reasonable deal’s, misc locally for example, thus, exhibit so to speak unto (?) in power, that we civilian’s aren’t waiting around for (?) to help us, bail us out, misc.

Like MacGyver, we’re or we can – help each other. Sigh, try and just think about that. That’s all I’m saying, ie: keeping the peace, doing individually what we each can in our lives, and for another unto some negotiate reasonable.

B.I.B.L.E – Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

This thing about: ‘War on – of Women’; huh, whew, here’s a thing that if it was blasted out, would certainly or probably flip this world upside down. Sigh, check this out:

I know (too much), BUT, I’ll tell ya this/share little tid bit: Adam committed the first sin, and here’s how –

God told Adam to tell Eve to not eat of the Tree, and hence, Satan knowing Adam would just exhibit
cluelessness, and do nothing, played on that, thus, Adam not telling Eve, and hence, Eve already gone astray – gone the road into amidst the garden, thus, ate from the tree, post / thereafter listening to Satan, COULD, have very well, come back to Adam and ask: “Wait a minute, let me get this straight, God told you Adam to tell me something, to not eat of the tree, hence, listen to the dumbass of all dumbasses, and I guess that just slipped your mind, to share and tell me that little tid bid huh”?

Though God’s Word shows Eve as the first to sin, BUT, God’s Word speaks in such a way that humanity – no hears, listens, misc very well to say the least.

You mention – ‘Control’ in your article; huh, ‘control’ – my ass. Humanity, in my 4 plus decade’s amidst you human’s, as breath mist energy in this body, is just . . . ugh; never mind, whew, sigh, whatever . . .

Let one’s Heaven Life individual record convict their ass. Satan/Lucifer does not deserve an audience, but never the less, (?) humanity keeps forcing God’s hand (per: i.f.w. – ill free will usage) to continue giving Satan/Lucifer just alittle power AND by doing so = all that below). God didn’t want this like this, but it is humanity’s usage thereof: Free Will, that keeps and continues forcing His hand = no brainer.

Those in movies and film’s, have said (line’s) that are so keen that only some perhaps have picked up on them. Huh, I feel like I got so many line’s in my head. I mean, geez, even Will Smith said a line.

But still, never the less, like humanity, “this played out, that played out, everything played out”, oh yeah, like what? A discarded woman’s pad? Ugh, whew, sigh.

For example, why Hollywood has got = NOTHING, hence, why they keep just duping / duplicating
everything. They got nothing. Oh there’s idea’s, etc out there, but, typical with humanity, money vs. what really moves ‘a people’.

Humanity (?) = Lucifer court jester’s/his bitch, per (i.f.w.) = ill free will, they can burn with that dumbass. Oh, he’s real all right, trust me, ugh, whatever.

Think about this: 2 life test period’s, 2 judgment day’s and 2 Lucifer disposition’s. Adam and Eve at one end of the eternal spectrum while at the other end, amidst blurred, can’t see them very well, are the one’s judged by God/JC and HS guidance counselor = Holy Spirit, those approved by Him as lasting through it all (past) and thus, gaining the end prize of ‘kicking it’ with God for eternity.

And trust me, there is a Heaven Record’s room – you don’t think feathers are just moving across pages ie: Harry Potter, do ya, uh, yeah right; one legion of Angel’s is 10,000, thus, one Angel assigned per each human Heaven Life record, though that Angel is not allowed to have any, nor will they, against God/JC/HS, have any communication with the human, whom’s Heaven Life record their assigned to. No angel’s are doing the violin’s thing in Heaven, trust me. All are assigned unto something.

You can’t imagine the scene in Heaven, Angel’s mouths’ dropped down/open, amidst Lucifer ‘fronting’, as we say from the street’s, God way before Adam and Eve; ie: Angel’s saying, whispering unto themselves: “Oh no, Lucifer just didn’t front the Father, God”?

We’re amidst the first life test period now. Now so long? Cause God doesn’t want anyone left out. All He wanted to ever do is ‘just create’ something, and amidst 6 day’s he did. Look down around, it doesn’t look nearly the same, so say the least, the way it did on the 7th day. It was never suppose to be like this.

But per, via and amidst, ie: the word’s of Ben Affleck said unto Matt Damon (ASK Ben, ask him what he said unto Matt), “It’s always been the humans”; their (i.f.w.) = ill free will, regardless of Adam and Eve, has continued forcing God’s hand to do 2 thing’s:

a) avoid putting Lucifer in the bottomless pit OR Lake of Fire and b) keep giving/granting Lucifer just alittle power; and why? Cause if Lucifer was allowed to speak forth, he’d maybe – could say just like Ben Affleck, “It’s always been the humans”, laughing it up, giving that dumbass of dumbasses just something else to laugh at, an ill audience < he doesn’t deserve ever an audience, ie: Humanity (?) = Lucifer court jester’s/his bitch, per (i.f.w.) = ill free will.

The 2nd Life test period is that of JC’s 1,000/yr – 10 century reign. The Scene of all Scene’s – is yet to come, and that is that of the first of 2 judgment day’s; oh yeah, we human’s think we’ve seen, can imagine, misc, whew, just wait, it’s coming.

Oh, and JC is and will forever be – the first to be told of the time and date by God, no one else and not before, and JC is just fine with that. God has NOT mixed that time and date up amidst His Word.

Thus, these human’s that ill talk and say this and that of ‘the end is coming, will be on . . . ‘ Ugh, what
dumbasses, again ie: Satan / Lucifer, whatever ya want to call him – laughing it up, giving that ‘dumbass of dumbasses’ just something else to laugh at, an ill audience < he doesn’t deserve ever an audience, ie: Humanity (?) = Lucifer court jester’s/his bitch, per (i.f.w.) = ill free will.

That which I know may be considered by humanity as opinionated, but it’s solely base from (within) God’s Word. I am a Christian, am not any Billy Graham. But word’s of God’s Word can be like HS guidance counselor = Holy Spirit saying, ‘in other word’s’, but at the same time, never taking away or adding to –

God’s Word, which we know is a major no-no, as well as those sadly whom’ve ‘checked out’ – committed suicide, major no-no.

Re: Paul and Jan Crouch of TBN, whew, I’m not gonna go there, but whew, so sad. How dare they have the nerve, misc. Whatever, JC will deal with them. But that’s an ill excuse re: (death threat houses); if they, misc were really in JC, one could stand there with (?) threat staring them in the face and one wouldn’t even sweat a drop, ie: ‘Daniel in the Lion’s Den’, = no fretting, misc, hence, no fear. Get it? Sigh.

Re: judgment day’s, say for example the first of 2, (The Scene of all Scene’s), God has ordained JC to handle JD, ie: JD mediator, no gotta say nothing, just point to one’s Heaven Life Record, which ‘the records’ will be justified, period; no ands, ifs or buts, period.

Where God amidst JC handling JD? God has the bigger task of cleaning house, cleaning up this creation down here. While we’re all amidst JD before JC, NO ONE will be down here on Earth, thus, to bring the NEW Earth forth for example, ie: one has to strip a bed of it’s dirty sheet’s before re-making with clean sheet’s right?

sigh, ok . . . first, like say, for example the 2 fire movie scene’s that come to my mind: fire scene 1: film ‘independence day’, fire scene 2: film ‘T2 – judgment day’. Hence, burn Earth, as everything will burn beyond id able temperature’s we human’s cannot measure/imagine.

Burn all to ground, ash, misc, whatever. Then, when all has been brought unto dust, misc you know. Then there’s the task of God bringing in the rains/water and rinsing off and away all this former stuff we NOW see all around us, ie: rinsing down something after it has been cleaned, you know. Thus, ie: a brand new shiny, clean little toy marble, for example.

Then somewhere amidst that process, God may also use the winds to blow alittle too, you know. Gotta have it cleaned for the NEW earth to come forth right. Then when all cleaned, for example, then God, while we’re still all amidst JD before JC, God will bring forth downward the new Earth, just saying for example.

Hence, the old has passed away.

Lucifer’s 1st disposition is the bottomless pit, while those JC deemed not Heaven worthy due per/via their review Heaven Life record – into Lake of Fire < the first batch, so to speak. Hey, I don’t like it anymore than anyone else.

Now, post/there after JC’s 1,000/yr – 10 century reign = the 2nd Life test period, Lucifer will be let of the bottomless pit, to test, misc, THEN, the 2nd and final judgment day, which again, those JC deemed not Heaven worthy due per/via their review Heaven Life record – into Lake of Fire < the second and final batch, so to speak.

While Lucifer with then, per/via his 2nd and final disposition, be thrown into the Lake of Fire, amidst those JC deemed not Heaven worthy due per/via their review Heaven Life record – into Lake of Fire < the second and final batch, so to speak.

And finally, after 2 life test period’s, 2 judgment day’s and 2 Lucifer disposition’s, and all said and done, those remaining thereof will be, the one’s – those approved by Him as lasting through it all (past) and thus, gaining the end prize of ‘kicking it’ with God for eternity.

Does that help to make any sense unto humanity? Hey, I’m nobody more – than any human now and/or before me. I will bow before JC just as anyone and EVERYONE WILL.

Me? No Heaven mansion, misc, me – just wants God, per JC’s pre – approval, to take back that which belongs to Him, (ie: the breath mist energy); convert it back into Himself, into something else, whatever.

And if all else JC deems ‘downstairs’, well then, I know, as JC does He has to do what He knows He has to per God. All that matters is God’s agenda, hence why time does not exist; it is solely (ie: a watch on God’s wrist), so to speak. God didn’t do this (down here), He only wanted to ‘create’ something.

It is not God that has to change or do ANYTHING, nor should HE; He in JC (all that) should have had to come down here. Nor the flood, etc.

Humanity has been (blanking) up since Adam and Eve, 2,000 year’s ago and humanity is still (blanking) up since. Ok, maybe not everyone. So no wonder why, what, humanity no think God is gonna (all that above I’ve shared)?

Whew, in word’s of Dirty Steve/Young Guns – ‘ain’t all there, are they’? < I use re: humanity though. Like Matthew Broderick, ‘I wish I didn’t know about any of this’.

Whew, sigh, I know too much, though I’m just a labor, just another human down here amidst trying to hold on to what sense of sane self identity and sanity I have left. I have to die, like anyone, why? Cause God’s agenda has to be moved forth, get it? Anyway, that’s it; I’m out of breath, so to speak, take care, later.

No matter what YOU think Trilateral Commission, Freemasons, Illuminati, Brotherhood, The Bilderberg Group/Club, Koch Brother’s, etc, Jesus loves all. He is always and forever will be with those whom call sincerely, misc upon His name. No worries, He knows and can see; it is us all that must ‘check our selves’, and some say: “Why no God do anything”. What? Why doesn’t – HUMANITY do something. Whew, sigh . . .

God ‘created’ – 6 day’s, ya think. But if anyone of humanity, per their Free Will usage, chooses to not accept JC, then I’m sorry for you. And I do not say that lightly or in a judgmental way.

Be well, and wherever you are, whoever you are, peace be with you . . . always.

You can find me anywhere on the web/internet by searching: jeffreydavidmorris. It’s all about the (key word’s) you type ‘in’. Meantime, feel free to visit me on my website:


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