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Seeking rental room (AND do voluntary work);

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Seeking rental room (AND do voluntary work);

“Forward Positive thinking goals into conscious living”
 – Jeff Morris (and in addition to what I can do vocationally, ie: skill’s and talent’s); 
I’m also a 10 year techie. And character reference’s are on my website.
I can be found / you can find me – anywhere on the web/internet by searching: jeffreydavidmorris. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and VAST ETC elsewhere on web/internet. It’s all about the (key word’s) you type ‘in’. Meantime, Feel free to visit me on my website:
Imagine having a few more hours in your day for what you REALLY want/need to do. Wouldn’t it be great NOT to have to spend time & energy on household chores, yard maintenance, misc/etc mundane errands? I can do things for you = freeing you up extra available time.
What if you could be free of these burdens? We can discuss a mutually beneficial schedule, hence, win–win arrangement; exchange for rental room in your home, misc.  
A bartering, mutual exchange arrangement; Serious proposals considered. Looking for immediate live–in, even if on a trial-basis.
AND you’ll have a strong, healthy, reliable, resourceful assistant to free you up, to enjoy life more fully. Less stress, more time to focus on things you may need and/or want to attend to, (ie: family, friend’s, beach, work, leisure time, misc) = win–win.

Thank you kindly and sincerely in advance for visiting my website; have a nice day.

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My YouTube video:
My Character Trait’s: Agreeable, Caring, Communicative, Competent, Compassionate, Dependable, Easy Going, Trustworthy, Intelligent, Introverted, Kind, Neat, Open, Opinionated, Quiet, Rational, Sensitive, Simple, Spiritual, Talented, Trusting.

EXCELLENT REFERENCE’S upon request. Thank you kindly & sincerely in advance. Also: you can find me (anywhere) on the web/internet, ie: “Google” by searching:jeffreydavidmorris. It’s all about the key word’s you type in. Meantime, feel free to visit me on my website:


Explosion Leaves Gaping Hole In Hollywood Apartment

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Explosion Leaves Gaping Hole In Hollywood Apartment.

Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2014 8:11 PM
Name = Carolyn Bowman
Email_address: =

Message: = I had left you a personal message on your Facebook page in early January. Are you aware of the explosion and fire at your previous residence at 719 North Heliotrope in Los Angeles on 3 January 2014? Your efforts to improve conditions at that building were good. Shahco was recently cited with 93 violations by the City Housing Department. My friend was two apartments down the hall when the explosion occurred. Your former residence on Heliotrope had an explosion and fire this morning. Take a look at the Facebook page for “KTLA 5 News” for ‘Explosion leaves gaping hole in East Hollywood apartment building’. Possibly some of the Building and Fire code violations might now be brought to light. No assistance was provided to the displaced tenants. Your efforts to make positive changes at that place were remarkable.

Read more:

An explosion left a gaping hole in the side of this East Hollywood apartment on Friday, Jan. 3, 2014, 01/03/14, Anthony Kurzweil (Web Producer).

One person was injured in an explosion at an apartment building in East Hollywood Friday morning. More than 50 firefighters responded to the blast, which also caused a fire in the building located in the 700 block of North Heliotrope Drive, according to Brian Humphrey of the Los Angeles Fire Department.
A natural gas line was involved in the fire, but the cause of the explosion was under investigation, Humphrey said.
Fire crews could be seen working inside one of the rooms through a gaping hole that was left in the side of the apartment building.
One man injured in the blast was taken to the hospital in unknown condition, Humphrey said.
It was unclear how many tenants in the building may be displaced.

Summed up reason why I left Section 8;

And please don’t talk to me about NOT ‘stepping up’, being involved. I WAS and DID and where’d it get me? Ruined, destroyed, misc even after thus far, 2 year’s, misc homeless, more in Hermosa Beach than LA, as I’m safer. And no, I’m not about sitting and rotting in some shelter for year’s, hence, not a human financial commodity. Huh, people, not gonna do this with you all, even as God sees all and all – each have a Heaven life record, as many human lives out there are hurting because no one is doing anything enough, except thrusting forward neurotransmitters, mind altering, pharmaceutical – 10 times the normal dosage. Sigh. Wow. You human’s really don’t get it, do ya? This is not a game, misc, hence toying, misc (???) around with other’s lives. Oh, and I’m the enemy huh? Really. Huh, unbelievable! Anyway, my website is at the bottom of this email, if you wish to review (me).

Pretend you doing busy with a company, misc, and then after year’s of going through the motion’s (as a customer, misc, doing your part per the business arrangement), you learn of ill business, corrupt practice’s within and amidst whom you’re doing business with” and thus, the student’s being – financial commodities, misc. Now it may not seem like (? This and/ or that), even a no brainer or old news or misc. But Below is the best summed up way I thought I could break it down per / via my situation, misc.

HUD, ie: local Section 8 low income tenant housing program I was in = (5 – 7) year’s, ie: 2004 – 2007 apt building near “LACC”, Melrose and Santa Monica, Los Angeles; and then (2008 – 2010) – 2600 W 8th St, Los Angeles (=) me, like the (above) business example.

I learned of the long time history of factually documented, illegal, ill business, corrupt practice’s amidst HUD on from on a local level (the corrupt as well local housing authorities AND that of the local code violation enforcement agencies, being: Building and Safety, Los Angeles Housing Dept, Los Angeles Environmental Health Dept, AND that of the inspection dept amidst the local housing authorities – (themselves), as well as that of HUD (as a Whole – Washington DC, ie: now former head of HUD: Alphonso Jackson, previously busted and fired with no reaped or rendered consequence’s, ie: federal prison or federal restitution, thus, was just (?) slapped on hand and sent away out of HUD, for his act of federal embezzlement, for which when gone, former head of Small Business Administration – now head of HUD: Shaun Donovan < being thus far, just as weak, misc as Jackson before him was corrupt).

As with learning, misc myself of (above), and knowing I have – a deep, keen, utmost and utter respect for business – (itself), and as such, and due to other related circumstance’s involved, ie: my back up against the wall, misc; I deemed I could not continue to further disrespect myself, hence, by allowing myself to be continually involuntarily subjected any longer, unto such disregard, blatant, lack of legal, misc proper business ethic’s, like the City of Bell scandal for example, or even the City of Detroit, re: their Mayor, of same (above), embezzlement, misc like civil and criminal activities.

So, I chose to vacate myself from and out of (any) further housing business dealing’s with HUD (on a local level and as a Whole), ie: HUD being just another One of the worst federal corruptive enterprise agencies of and amidst this nation.

And still today, so many involved with HUD local Section 8 low income tenant housing program, whom deem they can no say nothing out of fear of being blacklisted, retaliated against, or worse, hence continuing to live in and amidst less than habitable, misc residential rental low income housing unit’s, existent with illegal code violation’s, as the local code violation enforcement agencies take sides more with the landlord than any tenant.

I saw that on more than enough of occasion’s than I can recall, as to why I just couldn’t do it anymore, despite I had nowhere else to move to, misc ie: my back up against the wall, misc. And despite tried and exhausted effort’s, thus, unsuccessfully secured inquiry for service’s for and with local Los Angeles free legal assistance organization’s.

My (then) conclusive recourse, if any, was to a) just put all my stuff and belonging’s in personal self-storage (ie: 2007 – current / present total so far: over $6,000, though monthly averaged about: $104 – $108 a month for 5′ across from left to right x 9′ deep – from front entrance of the storage unit to the back wall of the storage unit x 10′ tall / height.

And b) that I’d be homeless (over 2 year’s now, until I can secure a rental room arrangement with someone). That being why, when I discovered the video’s of me on your website which 1) I forgot that we did those year’s ago, and 2) which is fine with me, no problem. But emotionally for me, which I think you can understand, watching (myself) in those video’s, it’s been self-acknowledging that I know I was never this ill exposed and tainted, loosely said.

So watching those video’s of me, was if even minimally, a sort of comfort and insight, that I self validatingly – had a life, was housed, and again – certainly was not so ill exposed and tainted as I’ve emotionally become over the last 2 year’s amidst homelessness, just wanting to get back on my feet, ie: a hand up, not a hand out.

Despite though I have not yet sadly found one decent person to secure a rental room arrangement with. And so I self-ponder that I just don’t know –

a) how longer my unsuccessful, lack of housing, homeless circumstance’s may continue,

And b) how I deem ironically that I have to, example, go dead inside myself in order to focus on daily hanging in there, minimally progress with what day to day task’s I can accomplish, and continue searching and networking to find someone that hopefully I could secure a rental room arrangement deal with, therefore, moreover, I’d eventually self-heal and recover, which is kindly nice to contemplate if I can achieve finding someone I could secure a rental room arrangement deal with.

There’s bartering or misc deal’s all over out there, ie: an evening / nightly couch or floor in exchange for voluntary work by someone such as myself, and if ideally I knew say 5 – 7 people, ie: 1 person, 1 day or misc a week, misc per / via some pre-discussed arrangement, (=) an evening / nightly couch or floor + maybe a shower < if needed and One gets voluntary work done, misc.

For (?) local residential civilian’s to do nothing, put it off on some local nonprofit or city, misc agency or misc to deal with or misc, what is that? When Jesus says: “They know not what they do”, though people speak His holy name, expecting Him to (???); is anyone kidding me, and we wonder why maybe this or that is exhibited anywhere all around us, cause regardless, there is no valid easy, misc answer unless to ill appease One’s ego, misc, hoping (?0 will just go away.

Huh, Really. Whew, wow, unbelievable. Any valid truth, as if to say what (?) really wish they no wanna hear, and (?) is telling One, misc to just shut up, go away, disappear, that their kind isn’t wanted – around (these part’s, area)? Whew, wow. And Jesus sits there watching all this. He doesn’t have to do NOTHING! All God ever wanted to do, is just create something, but no, that was never enough, was it? Think about it. It is THE HUMAN’S that need to do something.

Jesus/God didn’t screw up this Earth, world, misc. Sigh. Think about, even today, good people, homeless, that could render talent’s, skill’s, misc thus, over time, work back up to a point where they can be better healed, recovered, misc to maybe move forth unto a new direction, whatever, you know what I’m saying, geez. Whatever, maybe I know nothing, right? Sigh . . .

I’ll give you another example of me stepping up:

Ruined to homelessness, Re: Past achievement’s and misc;

Tenant advocacy on behalf of (22) plus low income tenant’s (some Section 8, some non) – whom, more less, imagined me doing the ‘Martin Luther King Jr’ thing but on a much, much smaller scale. I was networking with the local senior lead assigned community neighborhood “L.A.P.D.” officer, on whatever local community neighborhood concern’s, misc, you know, generally speaking.

Then there’s (what I was involved with) – As I just got tired of it being too dark, as I know same for other’s, even ill potential for night crime, but I covered & voluntarily paid for (7) “DWP” night time light’s – invoiced / billed $254 / bi monthly, on various wooden pole’s in (08/2004 – mid 2010) community/neighborhood I was in.

Then there’s- “Tru-Green” landscape services, (Tree and shrub as well as grass/lawn spray treatment’s every 4 – 6/wk’s), under $50/mo I voluntarily covered – unto/atop of the old rental properties front yard landscape (which should have never been an issue, since owner lived off site and I was paying for it voluntarily and self $ financially); and again, I still got ALL the saved, documented, bill’s, receipt’s, misc in (Self storage – close to $6,000 in personal cost’s that I know I can never get back).

And additionally, I had a separate landscaper sole guy/man come by every (3) month’s – ($80 each time) to do ‘weed trimming’, while I was behind the landscaper – sweeping and picking up freshly cut / trimmed landscape debris, hence, me – involved.

And even then, in the rental building itself, during normal day time hour’s, periodically say, vacuuming each of the (3) floor’s – hallway’s, water/rag – wiping down hand rail’s, cleaning of window’s; huh, I should have been a manager, but I’m a loner, sole guy.

I lost & had my recent (12/2004 – 09/20/07) Section 8 housing destroyed via civil code: 1942.5, besides all the stuff I did via voluntary tenant advocacy & the ‘Martin Luther King Jr” thing – on a smaller scale, on behalf of my (now) former tenant’s & myself while previously residing at the rent control building property of: 719 North Heliotrope Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90029, that clearly has “LA Housing Authority” – Section 8 contract’s in place with some of the tenant’s, meanwhile other’s are merely low income. Now I did my homework & research on the building/property’s (parcel profile report), etc stuff, faxes, email, call’s, misc over (2) and a half year’s (12/2004 – 09/20/07) unto all across the board (local county & state), re: habitability & various other serious ignored code violation’s not being enforced by “LA Building & Safety”, “LA Housing Dept”, “LA City Attorney”, etc local government possibly (=) facades’, payoff’s, smoke screens’, corruption, fraud, deceit, etc, & I even brought it all unto the attention of LA U.S. Attorney – Thomas O’Brian, and even now, after I chose to move out of (above) building/property for self-peace, prior to ill & fabricated, misc unlawful detainer, & though free legal ignored me, pay legal ignored me, ignored all of us tenant’s.

I can be found / you can find me – anywhere on the web/internet by searching: jeffreydavidmorris. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and VAST ETC elsewhere on web/internet. It’s all about the (key word’s) you type ‘in’. Meantime, Feel free to visit me on my website:

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