Seeking rental room (AND do voluntary work);

Seeking rental room (AND do voluntary work);

“Forward Positive thinking goals into conscious living”
 – Jeff Morris (and in addition to what I can do vocationally, ie: skill’s and talent’s); 
I’m also a 10 year techie. And character reference’s are on my website.
I can be found / you can find me – anywhere on the web/internet by searching: jeffreydavidmorris. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and VAST ETC elsewhere on web/internet. It’s all about the (key word’s) you type ‘in’. Meantime, Feel free to visit me on my website:
Imagine having a few more hours in your day for what you REALLY want/need to do. Wouldn’t it be great NOT to have to spend time & energy on household chores, yard maintenance, misc/etc mundane errands? I can do things for you = freeing you up extra available time.
What if you could be free of these burdens? We can discuss a mutually beneficial schedule, hence, win–win arrangement; exchange for rental room in your home, misc.  
A bartering, mutual exchange arrangement; Serious proposals considered. Looking for immediate live–in, even if on a trial-basis.
AND you’ll have a strong, healthy, reliable, resourceful assistant to free you up, to enjoy life more fully. Less stress, more time to focus on things you may need and/or want to attend to, (ie: family, friend’s, beach, work, leisure time, misc) = win–win.

Thank you kindly and sincerely in advance for visiting my website; have a nice day.

And also for review:
My YouTube video:
My Character Trait’s: Agreeable, Caring, Communicative, Competent, Compassionate, Dependable, Easy Going, Trustworthy, Intelligent, Introverted, Kind, Neat, Open, Opinionated, Quiet, Rational, Sensitive, Simple, Spiritual, Talented, Trusting.

EXCELLENT REFERENCE’S upon request. Thank you kindly & sincerely in advance. Also: you can find me (anywhere) on the web/internet, ie: “Google” by searching:jeffreydavidmorris. It’s all about the key word’s you type in. Meantime, feel free to visit me on my website:


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