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. . . with all this death, blood, misc of men, women, children, all and all with 20 – 70 centuries, this is what this species has to show for itself? Despite me personally, amidst my own individual 4 decade’s plus and what I’ve been (led) to witness, living among this species, being as human as any of you; but just like our fellow brother’s 20 centuries ago, who stood up, listened, acted and was involved, even to lay their own lives on the line, for God and all of His glory ie: armies like that of (Lord of the Rings), which this Earth and world has not seen since centuries past.


Why (they) no just financially bill Mexico, misc for that of their own people coming over into USA? Why no nip in the bud – USA armies go down smoke these fools – drug cartel’s and be done with it? And tell that country’s power people: “This is what your gonna do”! Their weak, misc and have no positive standing before God. God, in one way or another: ‘Stand and regulate the human evil amidst you’, because there will be, has been, is and sadly will be more of, BECAUSE . . . this species has no capacity to do what needs to be done, nor the capacity of knowing what they have done ie: “They know not what they do”.


Huh, so be it. We, this species, IS the pain in God’s butt, we are the one’s whom, per/via our free will forced God to put Lucifer on temporary parole, and if that wasn’t enough, giving that beast an audience and just something else to laugh at. This species as a Whole walks the Book of Rev like a bad script. Like our past brother’s 20 centuries ago, who were no body than local people like you and / or I; hence, God/Jesus/Holy Spirit – HS can choose who they wish to ‘touch’, for their own reason’s.


Not these human’s you see out there, but perhaps those whom majority of you out there shun, ignore, write off, just like our brother’s 20 centuries ago. But hey, free will dictates you can choose to (whatever?) you want. BUT, note this: everyone, individually, has a Heaven (Earth) life record, and a non-communicative to Heaven Angel (Earth) life record recorder assigned to each record. Huh, you human’s for so long have Him pegged all wrong, but hey, who am I right?


Sigh, just no word’s for this species, except maybe . . . ‘One of – the worse behaved, misc species of them all – out there, amidst / amongst all the unknown, incomprehensible and vast universe’s and galaxies’. And (?) may wonder just why JC came forth. Huh, ponder this, JC knew all too well what was at stake, and NO, it doesn’t have to be documented, God only allowed 66 book’s because He knew (?) among us over history would do, misc what if even in part what they have unto His Holy word.


So no, not everything is documented. Something’s are chosen by Him maybe, in such a way, to be, like a speck / grain of beach sand but WOW, heavy unto our own mind/heart. Anyway, JC knew all too well what was at stake, and this species thinks JC was just gonna sit there, and watch Father God reach a point of going ballistic ie: watching Father God scrap, misc all that He created because of us?


No, JC came BECAUSE of us, more so than for us, in doing so, JC is having Father’s back. God wouldn’t even have to exhale, and we’d all, as a Whole go out quicker than a candle. Huh, you human’s, even after 20 centuries, just don’t get it, do ya? I mean, DAM! How much more? How much more death, blood, misc / etc whatever else has to happen before this species STOPS?!?


Sigh. Stand back, in your mind and just look at a invisible, from left to right, human history time line, and think of this: all God ever wanted to do was just create something ie: 6 day’s. Lucifer (Satan) is the f— up! We as a species have more power to be ie: a ‘Great People’, and to have, past tense, pleased God so much. But no sadly, this species has done everything opposite.


You in the entertainment industry = exhibit this and that on a screen, but in real life, despite Jesus and your own free will, do nothing? REALLY? Just no word’s can truly, honestly can express comprehensibly what this species has done, is STILL doing, and that of yet to predictably do. Obliviently, drone like, non-fazing anyone, reserving one’s own self, committing individual spiritual suicide.


Just can’t say it enough and how much so. Such ill, sick denial. Look around, non profit’s out there ain’t about helping no one; if they did, they’d have no reason to exist, thus, financial human commoditizing to those they claim to help. Shadow bank’s, those 2500 $$$ in Sweden every year that come together, EVEN the Vatican.


Huh, you human’s got no clue, do ya? And still, this species just keeps it up, justifying that which is yet to come, because why? “We can no do nothing”. BS! God/JC never gave this species more than they can handle, and what does this species do? Use that which they have been given for everything BUT what it was intended for.


SO . . . after over 20 – 70 centuries to date, THIS – look around, is what this species as a Whole has to show for itself. Quite, unspeakable, misc picture, ain’t it?


Huh, please, I’m already dead, I just don’t know it yet; Death itself is not traumatic, rather what dies inside of you/us all, while we remain with breath. Try and take this in and ponder it at least for now while it’s archived otherwise, email me and I’ll email you back the data text content info of that below:

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