Women are gorgeous, beautiful, powerful, misc: in HER OWN right!

A female / Woman IS a gorgeous, beautiful, powerful, misc: all that is good, in HER OWN right, misc! Men, huh, get a freaking clue!

If appreciating healthy women’s sexuality means (to me personally) – (?) > Instead of a woman sitting, gently holding a man’s thigh / leg while he stands; huh, forget that!

I personally would be sitting, gently holding a woman’s thigh / leg while she stands!

And separately noting: speaking solely for (myself personally) though specifically – Cunnilingus, per / via / ie: gushing, squirting, misc; so as to NOT lose, nor let / allow even 1 drop to get away.

Be it: me / my face as her cum dumpster, plastering and covering my face completely, however long it humbly takes, I am patient and supportively encouraging her softly, as it’s about solely HER;

THOUGH I haven’t (fed) in sooo long, that it’d be imperative, misc to self-ensure the utter, and utmost careful focus, misc with the conclusionary retrieving and receiving of EVERY, little, spattering drop IS of . . . well, I just can’t emphasize – (special importance, prominence, misc) it / that enough!

Now of course, I’m honestly speaking generally, I’m NOT insinuating or misc relatedly anything, I’m just saying re: JUST solely ‘The Act’ thereof (above) itself. Nothing more, nothing less.

I, personally am, like anyone, selective though I’m a local Bonita Latina’s – Chica’s, 21+, Black hair and eyes, slim, (no body piercing or tattoo’s = natural), as I’m a straight, Chicano (on my MaMa’s side Monterrey, MX; and old school, no drug’s, not into sport’s or video games, 80’s music – though I’m selective with other music genre’s.

And I do kindly, sincerely emphasize safety and cleanliness (before and after). And please don’t mistake, misc me and my (above) word’s for anything, misc more or less than solely (above).

CFNM < (Google it), I’m cool with, though I am NOT one, like possible other men to be (?), egotistical and / or misc.

And I know, from my own self perspective and that or witnessing of others, I know the difference (for me personally and the RESPECT, or myself and other’s) THAT of between (?), being sexual, and that of ‘Just Being’ clothing-less, hence, nude / naked.

I just simply deem one should feel comfortable with oneself AND that of safe with others, hence, one safely with good people must feel comfortable and safe with oneself and others – said either way.


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